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DNR SimHub Plug In

The Daniel Newman Racing LED profiles have a whole range of customisable options allowing the user select effects, behaviours and colours based on their individual racing preferences. Users of both the ‘Advanced’ MEMBER ONLY profiles AND Steering Wheel/Button Box profiles, benefit from the use of the SimHub DNR LED Plug In on ALL LED profiles numbered Version 4.0 and above.

The DNR LED Plug In is bundled with all appropriate LED profiles as neccessary, but can also be downloaded individually here when required.

Installation of the Plug In is straight forward. The downloaded Plug In file (that can be downloaded individually above OR that comes bundled with your LED profile) must be inserted into the ./Simhub folder of your computers C: Drive. Full instructions can be found on the getting started page.

Copy the configuration file to your Simhub/JavascripExtensions folder

Unlike with the JSON configuration file which is available for use on the ‘Basic’ FREE profiles (also previously used by all profiles), after installation, you will be able to navigate to the DNR Plug In tab within SimHub and use the dedicated Daniel Newman Racing SimHub Plug In, to make these changes INSTANTANEOUSLY to their DNR profiles from within SimHub.

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